Business Administration & Finance


Administrative and Financial Services Officer

Tourism Enterprises Officer

Marketing and Advertising Officer

Warehouse and Supply Systems Officer

Construction works, Structured Environment & Architectural design


Construction Words and Geoinformatics

Applied Arts

Graphic Design


Applied Dance Arts

Acting – Cinematography

Interior Design

Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Automation

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Installations and Structures Technician

Oil and Gas and Thermal and Hydraulic Installations and Technology Technician

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation Technician

Vehicle Technician

Computer Science

Applied Computer Science

Computer & Network Engineer

Health - Welfare - Wellness

Nursing Assistant

Medical-Bio Lab Assistant

Infant Nursing Assistant

Assistant Physiotherapist

Dental Technician Assistant

Radiology Lab Assistant

Pharmacy Assistant

Optics and Optometry

Aesthetic Art

Hairdressing Art



Journalism & Reporting

Sports journalism

Radio producer

TV producer

Tourism & Hospitality

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Cooking - Bakery - Confectionary

Agriculture, Food and Environment

Crop Production Technician

Animal Production Technician

Food and Beverage Technology Technician

Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Technician