RCI was responsible for the implementation of the co-financed project “Organization and promotion abroad of tourism in the Cypriot countryside”. The project included the design and creation of infrastructure for the development of Agrotourism in Cyprus. These include cultural, cycling, religious, nature trails, as well as wine roads. He managed the projects for the promotion of natural and cultural treasures of communities in the Cypriot countryside. He designed, organized, created and was responsible for the promotion of Agritourism companies, which he continues to support where needed. Trained a large number of executives of agritourism companies in the organization, management and promotion of their business

The range of services it offers includes:

  • Investment preparation
  • Analysis of the Legislative Framework
  • Assistance and cooperation with services and hospitality infrastructure professionals
  • Licensing process Techno-economic Study (Feasibility – Sustainability)
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Completion of the project and start of its operation
  • Controls, monitoring, inspection
  • Organization and management of the Agrotourism Unit Training of staff and young farmers
  • Marketing, promotion, communication
  • Visiting programs Guided content Agrotourism Unit Certification

ERCI’s many years of experience include a number of projects such as:

  • Small tourist accommodation units (up to 40 beds).
  • Visitable farms
  • Restaurants, refreshments, traditional cafes.
  • Craft production units, such as metallurgy or woodworking handicrafts, ceramics, textiles
  • Agricultural products processing-standardization industries (with priority on organic crops of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, in cereals, wine, fruits and vegetables, meat, milk, eggs)
  • Small food processing crafts
  • Service companies for the service of rural tourism (alternative forms of tourism, special forms of tourism, sports facilities, tasting areas)
  • Offices for the organization, information and promotion of rural tourism.
  • Maintenance, restoration and upgrade of areas, such as path improvements/markings, phytotechnical works, small-scale technical projects for soil protection, landscaping as well as environmental awareness actions.